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Your Cleaning Checklist

By Leigh Williams
  • Bed / Bath / Home
You’ve totally heard of spring cleaning, but this year, we’re making Fall Cleaning a thing.
You’ve been spending more time at home than usual, and you’re likely going to be spending more time at home this fall and winter too, so why not spruce things up around your home?!
Instead of devoting an entire weekend to cleaning up your home, why not do a little bit here and there? This checklist will have your house clean in no time at all and make keeping it clean seem so much more manageable! 
Every Day
Wipe down kitchen counters
Make your bed
Take out trash
Monday – Kitchen
Wipe down outside of fridge
Throw out expired food
Clean sink, table and stove top
Sweep & mop if necessary
Wipe down microwave
Clean up pantry
Wipe down baseboards
Tuesday – living room
Clean off tables
Wipe down window sills
Clean windows
Wipe down baseboards
Wednesday – Bathrooms 
Wipe down counter tops
Clean mirrors
Clean toilet
Clean shower/tub
Sweep and mop
Straighten inside of cabinets
Wash towels and rugs
Empty trash
Thursday – Bedroom
Straighten closet & dresser
Wipe down night stands
Wash bedding
Wipe down window sills
Wash windows
Friday – Little bit of everything 
Clean inside of trash can
Wipe down doors
Straighten laundry room
Wipe down inside of car surfaces
Breaking down seemingly big chores can make them so much more manageable! And remember – a clean home is a happy home!