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Your Bathroom Organization Guide

By Leigh Williams
  • Bed / Bath / Home
Have you ever stopped and thought about how many bathroom and toiletry items you own? You probably haven’t, but now you’re thinking about it…and chances are it’s a lot.
Do you open your bathroom cabinets only to get overwhelmed by the amount of STUFF hiding behind those doors? Well, have no fear, because we’re going to have those drawers and cabinets manageable in no time!
First things first, pull out everything in your cabinets and drawers and assess your inventory. Get rid of all your old products or items you will no longer use. 
Go through your items and pick out the products you use every day. If you have space on your countertop, consider a cute turntable to feature some of your everyday staples. If you don’t have counter space, but you have a bare wall nearby, consider adding some floating shelves to hold the products you use frequently! This will clear out some cabinet/drawer space and make those spaces seem more manageable while also making your everyday products SO easy to find!
Use your drawers for products you aren’t reaching for every single day like face or hair masks and serums. I recommend also using drawer organizers to help keep items in their “homes.” This makes things seem more organized and easier to keep your drawers maintained over time. 
Get a few under sink drawer organizers for items that you reach for very frequently but still want to have access to. Keeping items “together” in a drawer will make those spaces stay organized, too!
So, now that you know what your next weekend project will be, start planning out how you plan to reorganize that bathroom! 


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