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Must Haves for the Big Game

By Sara Antonuccio
The Big Game. Football’s Favorite Sunday. The World Series of Football. It goes by many names, but whatever you call it, it’s an event worthy of a party. If you’re playing host for this year’s game, here are some of the basics to have on hand before your guests show up in their team jerseys:

Drink Coolers

Drinks of every variety and for every taste bud are a must, so be sure to have plenty of coolers available along with lots of ice to keep everything cool. You’ll want to dedicate some fridge space to all the snacks, so coolers are an easy way to make room.

Themed Serving Trays

Everything is football shaped this time of year, so embrace it! Instead of digging out your fancy serving trays, pick up some novelty trays and serving dishes for chips, dip, and other snacks. Your guests will get a kick out of them!

Plastic Plates

Things can get a little rowdy during football games, so it’s best to keep breakable dishes out of the line of fire. Paper plates, however, can be wasteful and can’t be recycled when they’ve touched food, so plastic is a much better option. It can be washed and reused or recycled, and you won’t have to worry about any accidents.

The All-Important TV

If you don’t have a game-worthy TV, you may find yourself with a rebellion on your hands. A giant flatscreen TV isn’t an essential, but something HD over 40” will give your guests a much better view. Make sure you also have the right streaming service to watch the game on before kickoff. 

Team Logo Decorations

You’ll have no trouble finding your chosen team’s logo on everything from cookies to cheese trays to cake toppers and more! Pick a few of these products to use and place around the house to show your team spirit - and maybe taunt those friends who are rooting for the other guys.

Mountains of food, friendly rivalries, and good conversation make game day an event to look forward to! Pick up these must haves to kick off your party on the right foot.