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How to Build the Perfect Smoothie

By Leigh Williams
Feel like you’re in a rush in the mornings or don’t have time for breakfast?! That was me, too – until I discovered how quickly I can throw together a smoothie and run out the door! Sure, I could throw a bagel in the toaster in the same amount of time – but a smoothie is packed full of nutrients and helps me feel GOOD to start my day! 
Here’s how I build my smoothies: 
Start with fruit: I like to do frozen because it adds thickness to your smoothie without having to add ice! I usually shoot for about 1.5 cups of fruit which is almost 3 servings to start my day! 
Add in greens: I usually go for spinach, but kale is a good choice, too! Add a couple handfuls. 
Add a protein: Either in powder form or add ½ cup of Greek yogurt! This will help keep you feeling full for longer and also adds more sweetness to your smoothie! 
Choose your fats: Don’t skip this! Fats are important for brain function! I usually add half an avocado or some nut butter, but flax and chia seeds are good options, too. 
Add some liquid: This helps to get things moving! I usually add unsweetened almond milk or water but you could also do dairy milk! Since you already added fruit, there’s no need to add juice! 
My favorite combos recently have been: 
·      Strawberry & banana with avocado and vanilla protein 
·      Mixed berries with nut butter and strawberry Greek yogurt 
What combo will you be trying first?!